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Start your scientific career in Berlin!

We are recruiting again! The ZIBI Graduate School is looking for highly motivated PhD candidates of all nationalities who are strongly committed to research and share our vision to improve world health. If you want to join us please apply until October 9th 2016 via our online application platform. Please check the application section on this webpage for further instructions. Application works exclusively via our online application system provided in the application section. All other forms of application will not be considered.

Our school is the roof of four graduate programs. The strength of our Graduate School is the diversity of the participating laboratories.The mission of the ZIBI Graduate School is to develop students into creative, responsible and self-confident young researchers. In a “tailor-made” course program students are introduced to modern scientific practice and to advanced methodology. Particular emphasis is put on the active participation of the students.

In addition to our PhD program the Research Training Group of SFB650 "Suppression of unwanted immune reactions" offers a structured educational program to MD doctoral students. Applications of MD student candidates are invited during all stages of medical studies at the Charité. More information available here.

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